Transforming social media presence for print giant

Increasing Leach’s organic LinkedIn engagement by 255%

In a world where it pays to make an impact, we helped this thriving print and production company reach new heights on social media.


The opportunity

Leach is a print and production company that works in sectors such as retail, sports, commercial interiors, construction and healthcare. They specialise in lightbox and tension frame systems, wayfinding and exterior signage, window graphics, wall coverings and more. Their audience is predominantly B2B, seeking new clients to work with for exhibitions, store fit-ups and events.

Leach had worked with Trio to collate a brilliant collection of case studies and blogs, featuring their work with numerous high-profile clients, including Swaine’s, NEOM,  and The Embassy of Spain. 

Not only that, but we are also migrating their existing HTML website to WordPress, where they can easily update content as required. Finally, Leach also works with Trio for SEO and PPC – rounding out their marketing strategy with a holistic approach.

This presented a fantastic opportunity for their organic social media. The large bank of images and videos shared with us during the website migration, as well as all of the information and copy shared across teams, allowed our team to craft a strategy that not only boosted brand awareness but also generated engagement and website visits for Leach. 


What we did

Before anything, we looked at the data. Upon reviewing Leach’s performance  across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, we discovered LinkedIn was their strongest platform.  This is where their B2B audience engaged, making it an ideal channel for building brand awareness.

We optimised all content for LinkedIn, planning a mix of client success stories aligned with their latest product developments. We also promoted their bespoke collection of print, graphic and lightbox solutions relevant to specific industries.

By showing the products in action alongside real-world case studies, Leach could connect with their audience’s pain points at a deeper level. 

For their B2B audience, it was also important to showcase the wide range of industries they serve so that the audience could imagine Leach’s solutions in their own businesses. This approach would increase brand awareness and educate their followers.

Our other focus for Leach on organic social was increasing post engagement. Our strategy of leading with case studies would be extremely helpful here, as we could tag their clients in the posts across all platforms, helping a wider audience see the posts. This, in turn, helped increase comments, likes and shares, especially if the brands were well known.


The results

The outcome of this approach was a huge success for Leach. Across Meta, impressions, page visits, followers, likes and reach all increased dramatically month on month. 

Looking at their performance compared to the previous year, Instagram profile visits were up 79%, showing increased brand awareness, and Facebook likes increased by 11%, showing boosted engagement. 

This period was key in implementing the new organic social strategy, showing that meaningful posting considering customer pain points was successful in achieving Leach’s goals.

Leach’s real success was through LinkedIn. Social actions (likes, shares, comments) increased by 255% across the same period and link clicks were up 89%. They gained 120 new followers across these 4 months and almost 30,000 organic post impressions.


Let the numbers do the talking

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Increase in Instagram profile visits

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Increase in social actions

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Organic post impressions

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