Bringing home ROI for Lily’s integrated marketing campaign

How we boosted Lily’s brand reach & awareness during the nationwide ISDN switch off

Lily Comms is a digital transformation company specialising in telecoms, IT and cyber security. For over five years, we’ve been Lily’s trusted marketing partner, helping achieve their vision of becoming a leading comms and IT solutions provider to SMEs. 

How we communicate, work and spend our daily lives is increasingly digital. Everything is now online – there’s no need for paper admin, full on-site working or in-person meetings. You can do everything at the click of a button. 

Lily helps businesses digitalise their operations to boost efficiency, save costs and future-proof success. 

The opportunity

Over the last few years, BT has gradually replaced obsolete copper phone networks with full fibre technology. Known as the ‘ISDN switch off’, this phase-out has recently picked up pace as thousands of businesses face the final phase of network disruption. 

Old, copper-wired phone systems are out. New hosted phone systems are in. Long gone are the days of making calls over a phone network. Everything is now over the internet. 

In 2023, BT set a September deadline to phase out the sale (or ‘stop sell’) of copper-wired products. Interest in digital technology grew as more businesses prepared for the ISDN switch off. Lily saw this as an opportunity to drive sales and bring in new clients they could support during this transition.

What we did

The ISDN switch off impacts every business and home in the UK. As this event had a national reach, we implemented an integrated marketing campaign to increase brand engagement and generate leads. 

Through organic and paid channels, like SEO, blogs and paid media, we grew awareness and built Lily as an industry leader. Below is how we brought it all together.

Google Ads

From April to August 2023, we ran a Google Display campaign targeting specific postcodes en route to the stop sell phase. The campaign’s assets and copy focused on alerting businesses in these areas. We created urgency and encouraged them to prepare for the phase-out before they faced disruption. 

We built a landing page on their HTML5 website that directed prospects to more information about the switch off and how Lily could help. The Display campaign generated over 38,000 impressions, 695 clicks and an average cost per click (CPC) of £0.35p. 

PPC results for Lily Comms

By the time the display ads ended, we saw great growth in brand awareness. Since then, we’ve been running another Display campaign, targeting postcodes with topic interests. 

Topic targeting allows Lily’s ads to appear on YouTube or any web page on the Google Display Network (GDN) with content similar to our chosen topics. We segmented by ‘business services’, ‘internet telecoms’ and other key topics related to preparing for the ISDN 2025 switch off.

The copy informed users to prepare for the switch rather than sounding alarm bells like our first campaign. Instead, we focused on showing Lily as a suitable IT and comms provider who could future-proof their business against service disruption. 

We also implemented a Google Search campaign to increase reach and drive conversions. The campaign consisted of five ad groups focusing on keywords related to the ISDN switch off. We ran this alongside our SEO activity to ensure that on-page content matched target keywords. 

SEO & content writing 

We refined Lily’s SEO strategy to focus on the target keywords of our PPC campaigns. The primary landing page was regularly optimised with fresh content, and we added FAQ schema to increase their SERP (search engine results page) ranking. 

We coupled this with effective blog writing, which involved content surrounding the stop sale of copper-based products. We regularly updated this blog so it listed all the relevant locations that were about to enter into its end-of-life phase. 

Our SEO content writers created more resources to increase Lily’s search ranking and improve internal linking between pages. This content was repurposed across LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook to increase engagement.

The results

Over the last year, we’ve helped Lily build their brand presence and take advantage of the nation’s switch to smarter, digital technology. 

Since the Google Display and Search ISDN campaigns have been live, they have generated over 379K impressions, 5K clicks and an average CPC of £1.55. We saw a successful cost per conversion of around £100 for the overall campaign, which, given their average cost per order, resulted in a significant ROI from campaigns across Google Ads. 

While paid reach grew, Lily’s organic performance improved massively. We got them to page one of Google for their main keyword, ranking amongst global players like BT. They also received 90k+ impressions on search, with over 30 keywords related to switch off ranking well in Google. 

Our blog content positively impacted keyword performance, making Lily a trusted source for information on the switch off. Alongside this, the landing page became their website’s third most visited page, with relevant service pages following shortly after. 

Since work began, we’ve seen impressive improvements to Lily’s organic and paid performance. These changes have been fundamental to their growth plans, making Trio a vital marketing partner they can’t go without.

Let the numbers do the talking

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